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Proper posture

Proper posture

The body is balanced from the right to the left, from the front to the back. Primary load joints: ankles, knees, hips, shoulders are vertically aligned. The head is centred above the spine, whereas vertical and horizontal joints are at the right angle. Such posture is functional, without pain and with an optimal scale of movements.

Improper posture

Improper posture

Primary load joints are not horizontally and vertically aligned. There are elevations of shoulders and hips, as well as their rotations and a large number of other disorders of lower extremities.

Persons with such a disorder will certainly in time be faced with pain due to their improper posture.

The body works as a unit. Changes in shoulders, small bowl, knees or ankles will lead to changes in relationships and the tension throughout the body. Such pain will in time cause joint and muscle disorders and eventually pain.

"Most people assume that walking like a duck, rounded shoulders and leg length discrepancy are merely congenital or genetic inheritance. All these features are only symptoms which should and need to be dealt with." - Pete Egoscue, "Health through Motion"


A Life without pain

"Following only a week of Egoscue method of exercise I noticed huge changes in my posture. My feet are not open during walking, but have completely corrected. A sedentary work day is not a problem for me at all any longer. Moreover, pain in the right foot has vanished and does not occur even after walking or standing for hours."

Mario Holjev, aged 32, Zagreb

A Life without pain

"I felt severe pain in the low back and in the legs. The pain was so severe that I had to receive nerve block injections for a month in order to be able to walk. I could not bear the pain any longer. I did not know what to do! I consulted many physicians, underwent analysis and therapies without any results. Then I heard about the Egoscue method and I decided to check if it would work for me. I had a chat with a therapist called Mark who showed me some simple exercise which I was to do irrespective of the severe pain. Following the first therapy and the first 40 minutes of physical exercise I was able to stand again without feeling the pain. I can currently proudly state to be able to walk again without pain due to the Egoscue method“.

Benjamin Sviben, aged 23, Zagreb

A Life without pain

"I felt pain and a painful tingling sensation in my left leg, as well as in my lower body as a result of discus hernia. L5-S1. Similarly, I used to wake up in the morning feeling pain throughout my body. My leg would go completely numb after standing for an extended period and I could barely feel it. Irrespective of diverse therapies I could not solve these problems. When I heard about the Egoscue method, I first read the book and then I went to see the effects of the therapy. After the firs several days of exercising the pain reduced only to be eliminated completely after some time. Moreover, I do not wake up feeling pain throughout my body any longer"

Zdenka Balenović, aged 38, Zagreb

A Life without pain

If you are looking for a solution for your pain without medications, surgeries or manipulations, you have come to the right place.

From proper posture to a life without pain!


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