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Proper posture


Is postural therapy the right therapy for me?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are some of your muscles always strained?
  • Does chiropractic or any other form of therapy impact on the improvement in your condition only for a short time period?
  • Have you noticed a leg length discrepancy, shoulder height difference, left and right body asymmetry?
  • Do you need footwear inserts?
  • Have you undergone physical therapy during your treatment, yet your discomfort has not been tackled following the treatment completion?
  • Have you undergone surgery without feeling any better or even feeling worse than prior to the surgery?
  • Have you entrusted other people to help you, albeit without any success?
  • Are you still in pain, irrespective of medicines, surgeries, joint replacement, physical therapies, chiropractic and other methods of treatment?
  • Have you stopped engaging in the activities you enjoyed due to pain?

In case your answer to any of the above is yes, then postural therapy is the right therapy for you!

What does the therapy process look like?

The therapy comprises of five 60-minute visits during the period ranging from 2 to 30 days. During your first visit we will be talking about your pain and your objectives; we will determine the deviations in your posture and we will perform functional testing. Consequently, we will do specific exercises selected based on your condition and individual requirements. You will be guided through exercises in order to ensure their proper execution and the achievement of the specific objective. The exercises will be varied to meet the current requirements in accordance to the changes occurring in your body.

What do I need to bring to the arranged appointment?

Wear clean trainers and clothing in which you feel comfortable whilst moving, standing, sitting and lying on the floor. Wear tight T-shirts and shorts so that your therapist is able to see your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. Women are encouraged to wear a sports bra or a top.

Why has my posture become dysfunctional?

A body can become dysfunctional due to any cause, such as previous traumas, injuries, pregnancies, gaining or losing weight, excessive activity or lack of activity and workplace features, to name a few, and hence cause muscle compensation.

Weight transfer and the load is transferred by body parts which are not intended for this function. Subsequently, over time it leads to dysfunction and premature wear of musculoskeletal system and hence pain.

When we are in pain we move less or we change the way we move. Deep postural muscles become latent and atrophy, whereas the muscles to which the movement has been transferred become stronger and strained which implies a dysfunctional musculoskeletal system. One is in increasingly severe pain and consequently one reduces one's movement. The pain appears yet again and the cycle continues. The Egoscue method provides a clear answer on how to deal with this vicious circle.

How does posture therapy differ from other techniques for pain relief?

This form of therapy does not treat the symptoms or the location of the pain. We define the cause of the occurrence of pain instead and tackle it through therapy. One of the principal differences between postural therapy and other medical methods, primarily of the standard medical practice is that the therapist considers the entire body rather than merely the location where the symptom occurs. Consequently, the therapist identifies the cause of the problem by analysing the entire body.

What are the benefits of postural therapy?
  • Pain reduction
  • Renewal of body functions
  • Restoring the natural posture
  • Restoring of the optimum muscle balance, as well as the length and the strain of muscles
  • Restoring the vertical alignment of joints and right angles between 8 primary load joints
  • Reduction of tension and stress
  • Activating latent muscles
  • Restoring optimum scope of movement
  • Raising awareness on body and mind
  • Restoring optimum scope of movement
  • Raising awareness on body and mind
  • Boosting and optimising of athletic performance
  • Energy level enhancement
  • Restoring of self-confidence and self-esteem

How soon will I feel the results?

The results will vary from person to person. The facts such as the sequence of e-exercises and your emotional condition whilst you are exercising will play a significant role in the success rate. You should feel the difference following the first sequence of e-exercises implying easier walking or standing straight, improvement in balance and pain relief. As your functionality increases, the benefits will become long-term and the pain will be eliminated permanently. Nevertheless, one has to be aware that most chronic pain and postural imbalance have not occurred overnight! Hence, plan to take some time for your mind, body and spirit to recover. text_38: | A comprehensive solution to the problems depends on the severity of the problems and on the period of time over which the problem has been occurring. It is important to remember that one's problems can develop over a long period of time and consequently a period of time will be required in order to tackle them successfully.


Posture correction is a process!

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